Stockholm Pride festival creates Pride Parade in GTA 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is considered to be one of the best-selling video games of all time. But the game has generated several controversies related to its violence and depiction of women. Today, the game is about to get more colorful and inclusive as the Stockholm Pride Festival is releasing the ”Los Santos Pride” mod, allowing gamers to have their own Pride Parade marching down the streets of the fictional city Los Santos in GTA 5.

The annual Stockholm Pride Festival is considered to be the largest celebration of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer people in Scandinavia. Last year over 45,000 people participated and 450,000 followed the cheerful parade on the streets. But there’s no need to travel to Sweden or wait until the the end of July to celebrate love. The ”Los Santos Pride Parade” mod is available right now.

”The message of love and equality is always needed and we are happy that players get to host their own Los Santos Pride Parade, says Christian Valtersson, President at Stockholm Pride.”

Over the past weeks the world has been mourning the victims of the mass shooting at the LGBTQ nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida. With the The Los Santos Pride project, the festival wishes to honour all victims.

”We’ve made the parade indestructible. Not to moralize, but rather to show that love will always triumph over hate. Christian Valtersson says.”

The unofficial mod has been created by Stockholm-based advertising agency Garbergs together with a group of GTA 5 enthusiasts, such as legendary scripter JulioNiB (creator of popular mods like Iron Man, Hulk, Watch_Dogs, and Flash script). The textures have been designed by TheFriedTurkey, Merfish and TheNathanNS. The trailer is edited by creative collective 8-bit Bastard, known for producing the first video ever using the Rockstar Editor in GTA 5. The music for the trailer has been provided by Swedish artist Alesso.

”It has been wonderful to get to cooperate with such creative and talented people as the ones who made this idea into reality, Valtersson says.”

Los Santos Pride is free to download on PC and available on

Official trailer for Los Santos Pride is available here:

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